Authentic Galapagos

6 days

Authentic Galapagos

During this tour you also visit the island of Santa Cruz, but you’ll combine it with Isabela. This island is less developed and maintains a laidback and authentic character. An islandhopping program for who wishes to go beyond the obvious choices in six days.

Mapa Santa Cruz Isabela
Day 1 
Arrival Santa Cruz

Today your authentic program will start and you will arrive to the airport of Baltra, one of the Galapagos Islands. You will be picked up at the airport and transferred to the island Santa Cruz. You will first cross the Itabaca channel on a ferry boat and then you will continue by car. Your first stop will be at the highlands of Santa Cruz. The “Parte Alta” as the highlands are called in Spanish is very lush and green and is the natural habitat of the giant Galapagos tortoises. You will visit a private rancho where you will have lunch. Here you walk between the trees and search for the giant tortoises that prefer to stay close to the small lagoons. You also will visit the lava tubes, which are formed when the surface of a lava stream solidifies, but the inside stays liquid and flows out like a river. After this tour you continue by private transport to your hotel. Here you will have a meet & greet with one of our staff members who will explain the rest of your authentic itinerary to you. You have the rest of the afternoon free to explore Santa Cruz on your own.

galapagos santa cruz authentic highlands turtles
Day 2
Crossing to Isabela island

Today you will have the morning off to explore the beautiful island of Santa Cruz on your own. In the afternoon you will be transferred from your hotel to the dock of Santa Cruz from where you will take a authentic lancha (motorized small boat) to the island of Isabela. The boat ride will take about 2 hours and depending on the weather, it can be a bit bumpy. Arriving to the dock of Isabela you will be transferred to your hotel.

galapagos isabela island authentic sea lion on bench

Day 3
Tour to Los Tuneles

Today you will have a tour to Los Tuneles. This tour takes about 6 to 7 hours. Snorkeling equipment and a box lunch are included. This site is one of the most spectacular and authentic places for snorkeling in Isabela as the water is shallow, clear and calm. This marine sanctuary is characterized by its unique geologic formations. A series of lava flows have produced a number of arches and tunnels both under and above water, where you find a number of animal species that have taken up residence in these magnificent formations. The entry into this site is shallow and the waves can be quite strong, for this reason it is not always feasible to enter this site in which case you will go to an additional snorkeling point outside Los Tuneles. Under these unique underwater lava formations, you’ll be able to snorkel with a huge variety of large sea life such as sea turtles, manta rays, white tipped sharks, sea horses, and more. The tour also includes a walk through this incredible landscape.

galapagos islands santa cruz swimming with authentic sea lions

Day 4
Half day tour to the wetlands and crossing to Santa Cruz island

Today you will resume your authentic program by having the morning off to explore the beautiful island of Isabela on your own. In the afternoon you will be transferred from your hotel to the dock of Isabela. Here you will take the lancha back to Santa Cruz Island, which will take about 2 hours. Once you have arrived you will be transferred to your hotel on Santa Cruz.

galapagos santa cruz fish market


Day 5
Day tour to Seymour, Bartelome, Santa Fe or Plazas

Today you will have a full day tour to North Seymour or Bartolome or Santa Fe or Plazas. Please be aware that you will visit one of these places in your day tour. Which one this is, will be confirmed with you in a later stage. See the descriptions of the day tours in the next tab. In all tours lunch and snorkeling equipment is included.


Galapagos Santa Cruz Plazas

Day 6
Transfer back to the airport of Baltra

After breakfast you will be transferred to the airport of Baltra. From here you will take your flight back to the mainland, where your authentic program will end.