Short San Cristobal

4 days

The best of San Cristobal

A short but compact tour, that will show you the highlights of San Cristobal. Also you will make 2 full day tours to a neighboring island, to experience the real Galápagos ‘island hopping’ feeling.

Interesting Flora & Fauna:

Galapagos albatrosses, fregat birds, playful seals, marine iguanas and blue-footed boobies: you will see them all.

Mapa San Cristobal
Day 1 
Arrival San Cristobal

Today you will arrive to the airport of San Cristobal. You will be picked up at the airport and transferred by private transport to your hotel in the town Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. Here you will have a meet & greet with one of our staff members who will explain the rest of your itinerary to you. In your welcome package you can find information on the self-guided walking tour to the Interpretation Center and Cerro Tijeretas this afternoon. In the interesting Interpretation Center you will get to know more about the formation of the islands, the arrival of humans and the importance of conservation. There is a clear map in the exhibition hall on which you can see all the wildlife that you can find on the several islands. Cerro Tijeretas is a perfect place on the Galapagos Islands to observe the two species of frigate birds nest. During the 2 hour walk up here you will have gorgeous views along the way and there is also a small cove from where you can snorkel. Bring along good walking shoes and plenty of water and sun protection as it can be very hot!

alapagos san cristobal playa mann
Day 2
Tour Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos

Today you will have a day tour to either Kicker Rock or Isla Lobos. Please be aware that you will visit one of these places in your day tour. Which one this is, will be confirmed with you in a later stage. See the descriptions of the in the next tab. In both tours lunch and snorkeling equipment is included.

galapagos Kayak with Sea Lions in San Cristobal

Day 3
Optional tour to Española Island

Today you will have an optional tour to Española island. Please keep in mind that this tour only operates on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Early in the morning you will board a small boat that will navigate southwards. After 2 hours the boat arrives at Punta Suarez, where you will go on land for a walk of about 2 hours. During the walk you will be able to see lots of birds like the Española albatross, blue-footed boobies, Nazca boobies, the Española mockingbird which has a longer and more curved beak than the one on the central islands, tropical birds and hawks. Many red-green iguanas and colonies of sea lions can also be found on this island. Continuing inland, the trail leads to a cliff on the southern side of the island overlooking the ocean. Waves crash into a lava fissure, creating a blowhole that sprays water nearly 30 m into the air at high tide. After the hike you will return to the boat that navigates to the other side of the island where Gardner Islet is located. Here you will have the chance to go snorkeling for about 1,5 hour. Here you will marvel at schools of large colorful tropical fish, including yellow-tailed surgeon fish, king angelfish and the bump-head parrotfish. A few underwater caves teem with wildlife, and there are rocky walls covered with various invertebrate species. The occasional massive manta ray or spotted eagle ray may glide by as white-tipped reef sharks nap on the ocean floor in rocky areas. This snorkeling site also offers a wonderful chance to swim with playful sea lions. Afterwards you will have lunch on board and the boat will head back to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. In this tour lunch and snorkeling equipment are included.

galapagos san cristobal isla espanola waved albatros

Day 4
Transfer back to airport San Cristobal

In the morning you will have time to explore the island of San Cristobal on your own before you will be transferred to the airport of San Cristobal. From here you will take your flight back to the mainland.